Ability to increase the pace of the exercises. Sound files with mental training in collaboration with Lars-Eric Uneståhl.

Pause gymnastics on your computer

Pausit is a personal trainer in your work computer.
A pause program that ensures that you move regular during your workday.

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Why Pausit

  • Prevention of occupational injuries.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Easily customize your own training program.
  • Do not disturb your work.

More about avoiding occupational injuries

130 000 satisfied users

Scania have it, Statistiska centralbyrån, Riksrevisionen and ABB as well. Our customers reports a high level of usage and that Pausit really makes a difference for the employees health.

Our customers about Pausit

Pausit is a personal trainer in your work computer, a break programme that ensures that you move regularly and in the right way during your work day. It involves ergonomic exercise breaks to prevent occupational injuries. Pausit is easy – easy to use, easy to adapt and easy to make into a good habit. Pausit gives you the important recovery that is important to all of us.


Pausit är coolt!
Det har blivit en naturlig del av vardagen att alltid köra en Pausit.
Vissa gånger har jag externa besökare när Pausit gör sig påmind i nedra högra hörnet.
Det är bara att acceptera och ta med besökarna på en kort Pausit.
Alla gäster är imponerade av Pausit och tycker att det blir ett roligt inslag i mötet.


Conny Wilén, IS Sourcing Manager, ABB


Thanks to Pausit I am reminded to keep moving throughout the day. A lot of people at work have chosen a specific time to be their Pausit break,  you can see all the hands and arms moving around in formations.

As a health developer I have received a lot of positive feedback from employees about the value of using Pausit. We all want to feel good after all!

 Gunilla Edman, Health Developer Örnsköldsvik municipality


The Swedish National Audit Office have been using the digital exercise break software Pausit since April of 2011. In this way, the employer wants to offer all employees a chance to have their important ¨short¨ breaks from work in an easy and structured way.

The employees like the software, mainly because it allows them to individually choose what exercises to do and when to do them during the day.

Anders Thidholm HR-strategist, National Audit Office